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Meet our fabalous DJs

Christopher W Doll

Owner/Station Manager/Program Director

Christopher is well known to not just his funny sense of humor wise cracks comebacks but also known as a walking music encyclopedia with his knowledge of music.Christopher has 10 plus years under his belt for radio and you can tell he enjoys every moment


Fred Setters

syndicated radio show DJ

Hi my name is Fred Setters and my love of music and radio started way back in the 70's as a young lad listening to Radio Luxembourg and it's a passion that has stayed with me ever since. My radio career started as a presenter and then station manager at Jubilee Hospital Radio, which is based in the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey.
"We used syndicated radio shows at Jubilee and that inspired me to create and distribute my own shows. I founded Radioshed Productions as a platform to enable me to do this."Hi my name is Fred Setters and my love of music and radio started way back in the 70's as a young lad listening to Radio Luxembourg and it's a passion that has stayed with me ever since. My radio career started as a presenter and then station manager at Jubilee Hospital Radio, which is based in the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey.
"We used syndicated radio shows at Jubilee and that inspired me to create and distribute my own shows. I founded Radioshed Productions as a platform to enable me to do this."

Fred Headshot Transparent Background.jpg

Dave Marley

syndicated radio show dj

My name is Dave Marley.

When it comes to music, it literally rules my life. I have been DJing since the early ’80s, but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I became interested in radio presenting


Sandy M

syndicated radio show DJ

My name is Sandy M


Being a child of the 70s, I began to take notice of chart music at around the age of 5 or 6 years old, which would have been the early 80s. Like many of my school friends I would be glued to the radio as often as possible hoping to hear my favorite records. I used to visit the local record shop with my mum from a very early age, which is where my music collection began.


Over the years, I have collected many different types of music. Now I have the opportunity to share some of that music with you, here on your favorite station.


DJ Swey

Syndicated radio show dj

Dj Swey comes to us from Australia with his Espresso Bar Show.

A 2 Hour Show Full of Great music, information about artists, music news and more
Playlist changes every week, 60s 70s or even just full noughties so make sure you tune in for some fun because radio was meant to be fun”- Dj Swey

dj swey.jpg

Beth Riley

syndicated radio dj

Beth has extensive on-air radio DJ and production experience, as well as conducted exclusive interviews with artists such as Keb’ Mo’, The Box masters (Billy Bob Thornton), Bruce Iglauer(Alligator Records), Mitch Mann (Fiddle worms), David Hood (The Swampers), Jimmy Hughes(“Steal Away”), James Counts (The Midnighters), Paul Thorn, Kenny Neal, Southern Halo, PhilVassar and so many more. Her “Surf’s Up: Beth’s Beach Boys Break” segment can be heard weekly worldwide on her husband,James’Catching A Wave. They also do an Artist Spotlight Podcast Series interviewing musicians, actors and anyone of interest. She launched her new syndicated radio show called Boppin’ With Beth in the fall of 2020.Riley also co-owns Old Fashioned Radio Publicity with James promoting artists in the Americana, Ameripolitan, Blues and Roots genres. They live inJoplin, MO in the beautiful“Four States” area.For more information, check out:


beth r.jpg

David Southway

syndicated radio show dj

“I started a broadcasting career as one of the first ‘Disc Jockey’ voices to be heard on BBC Radio Bristol, on a Saturday morning in September 1970. (my producer advised me the others were ‘radio presenters’). I spent approx. 4 years at the BBC, presenting different programmes as well as current affairs producer. I decided when my young family came along that perhaps I could have the ‘best of both worlds’ by trying my hand in ‘the business world’, and still work in broadcasting as a freelance. As well as being successful in commerce as an MD, Sales & Marketing Director etc. I have also worked for GWR radio, Classic Gold, WFM, Star Radio and Pulse Radio. Most of these were at the time very successful stations across the UK South East, South Coast and South West.
As most radio presenters did at the time. I started out as a club DJ when the Soul Music genre was very powerful, with a growing following. It is encouraging to know that even after the time that has passed there is still as much interest in this genre as there was in those early days. The idea for Soul Vaults show was brought about after discussion with many people who were intrigued by the origins of ‘Old Soul’ and more importantly the lack of information about what is after all a key part of our musical heritage. I saw this as an opportunity to couple my love of the music genre together with my passion for radio. The show not only plays the songs but provides the background to the songs and the artists.
In addition to Soul Vaults. I have also for the last 6 years been part of a team of 3 seasoned (OLD) radio professionals that have over 120 years combined radio/broadcast experience, producing a weekly show Old Gits & Hits. that is really a sideways look at life, or even a ‘jaundiced’ view, in which we aim and hope to deliver in a fun and hopefully informative way. It is aimed at all age groups and in fact the feedback is positive from all groups and is now very successful and syndicated to 6 stations. The programme was in the final 5 of the National Radio Awards 3 years ago, of course it would have been excellent to have won, however for as we put it ‘3 Old Gits to make it to the final 5’ we believed it was an achievement we are rightly proud of.”

david southway.jpg

Chuck Shorter

syndicated radio show dj

The year was 1962. The scene was my parents’ kitchen in Philly. Suddenly, I heard something coming from the top of the refrigerator. Mom said it was a radio playing music. Right then and there, I was hooked! I asked my Dad to take me to the record store and bought my first 45’s, “Go Away Little Girl” by Steve Lawrence and “Ruby Baby” by Dion.
A little later, I discovered American Bandstand and it solidified my passion for music. Growing up in Philadelphia didn’t hurt. At the time, some of the best music was heard on the great WIBG and WFIL. I knew then that I wanted to be a DJ, entertainer, and musician!
In 1974, I attended broadcasting school and landed a job working in the mail room at WCAU-TV and radio where I continued to learn about broadcast media, with the hopes of catching a break in a major market in the USA. But, fate had other plans.
In 1977, I was offered a position at CBS Records to work in the mail room and learn the music business. I progressed through the ranks…mail room to merchandiser to sales. In 1986, I was offered the opportunity to move to the Washington, DC region to manage a sales territory and I have been in Maryland ever since. This was by far the BEST job anyone could have!
In 1989, I realized my dream as I took over as an on air host for a local pro wrestling talk show on WMET. In 1993 when the show ended, another co-host and I developed the show for TV. We debuted on Public Access TV in Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC in 1994. This show ran on air for 20 years before ending in 2014. In 2003, I went back to radio, hosting a show on WYRE playing the great music of the 40’s through today.
From 1975 through 2016, I was a mobile DJ working weddings, corporate events, family fun nights, and everything in between. I also managed to spend time in a wedding band from 1979 to 1984. 
Entertainment and music are in my blood! I am now retired from radio sales and am extremely excited to currently work with the talented individuals at Hall Of Fame Music and Solid Gold Gem AM, to bring my enthusiasm for the music of my youth to the airwaves. 
My passion has been entertaining people for over 40 years and keeping the music alive. I greatly look forward to doing the same for the Charting In The USA listeners!

chuck shorter.jpg

Jammin' James Riley

syndicated radio show host

Jammin’ James Riley bio 

The term “old soul” has been used more often than not to describe James Riley.  His mom’s Elvis albums and movies like American Graffiti and Buddy Holly Story helped shape his musical tastes as a kid growing up in Louisville, KY in the 70’s that continue to this day.  Riley got a BA degree in Communication Arts at Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY where he took an active role at WRVG on campus.  He’s been a fixture in the radio promotions scene since 1993 having worked for a variety of Christian record companies such as Word, Provident, Inpop and R.E.X. Records and now co-owns Old Fashioned Radio Publicity to focus Ameripolitan, Americana, Blues, Surf and other roots radio formats. James hosted Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour from early 2014 through early 2021 before reviving Catching A Wave in February 2021 (a show he hosted from September 2016-December 2017).  In 2016, Riley was nominated for DJ Of The Year at the Ameripolitan Music Awards and again in 2017 when he won the award. 

People were constantly asking for him to bring Catching A Wave back and he finally jumped back on the surfboard to bring the best in surf/summer/beach tunes!  His wife Beth has a weekly segment on the show called “Surf’s Up: Beth’s Beach Boys Break” where you can hear a deep track from America’s band.  Plus, there are more segments like “Wheel Of Fun, Fun, Fun”, Catching A Wave Time Machine and the Jammin’ James Jukebox selection/trivia of the week. 

He married his best friend, Beth Riley, in May 2020 and they work together on both the radio promotions side of things as well as a podcast and radio shows.  Beth also hosts her own syndicated show called Boppin’ With Beth which she started September 2020! 

For more information, check out   

James Riley 

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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