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After Hours Hosted by Fred Setters

Sun - Sat Nights 12am -1am EST

Calling all you night owls and lovers of late night radio. For an hour of smooth sounds and soulful grooves, join us ‘After Hours’ as we bring you an hour of music and conversation - “laid back style” in the company of presenter Fred Setters.

So, whether you are relaxing at the end of a busy day, working the late shift or driving in the dark to your destination, check in to our exclusive club ‘After Hours’ where a warm welcome awaits. It’s late night radio for late night people.


The Classic Chart Rundown Hosted by Dave Marley

Sun - Sat 2am - 3am EST

Join Dave as he counts down the top 20 songs feature the month and year


Soul Vaults Hosted by David Southway

Sunday 4am - 6am EST

 Classic soul music from the soulmiester himself. Along with in depth profiles of the songs and artists that define soul music


Gospel Vibrations Hosted by Melvin Jordan

Sundays 7am -8am EST

Join Melvin Jordan for 60 Minutes of Inspirational Gospel Music to Inspire & Uplift This Radio Show is derived To Uplift , Inspire & Encourage . Through Inspirational Music


The Kayden Gordon Show Hosted by Kayden Gorden

Sunday 9am - 11am EST  Tues - Fri 4pm - 6pm EST

The Kayden Gordon show is The Best Radio Show That Plays Today's Best Country Mix!

The Show Is....

Produced By: John Graham

Blast from the 80s.jpg

Blast From The 80s Hosted by Gary Hopkins

Sunday 12pm - 1pm

Blast from the 80s is a look back at some great music, great memories and when things were all
technologically different, and of course leg warmers were a fashion.

Blast from the 90s.jpg

Blast From The 90s Hosted by Gary Hopkins

Sunday 2pm - 3pm EST

Blast from the 90s is the older sibling, with a little more attitude, but has the same quality although different type of music.

Ultimate Floorfillers.jpg

Ultimate Floor filler Hosted by Kev Wood

Sun 4pm - 5pm & Sat 6pm - 7pm EST

Playing all the best club classics that you remember dancing on the dance floor.Join Kev as he plays the greatest club classics.

mikey d show.jpg


Sunday 9pm-11pm EST

2 hours of great fun playing the 70s 80s 90s 2000s and current chart, interacting games Guess the year, true or false and top 5 on this day and every week listener’s vote for their Feelgood banger that they would like played.


The Simply Series Hosted by Dave Marley

Mon - Fri 4am - 6am EST

Each show, I pick a random year between 1960 through to 1999 and that show will be dedicated to one particular year. The show content will include the best UK pop chart tracks of the featured year, Movie trailers, What was on TV (theme tunes), UK TV commercials. Its a fast moving happy show with lots of content, information and bags of nostalgia.


The Espresso Bar Hosted by Dj Swey

Mon - Sat 7am - 9am  EST

Great way to start your day off,no episode is the same… 70s 80s 90s you never know what your going to hear!!


I Love the 70s Hosted by Fred Setters

Mon - Fri 10am - 11am EST

A decade that was truly diverse in its music and fashion. From disco funk to punk and from glam rock to pop classics, we’ll re-live the music and memories in

"I Love The 70's".

On every show, we’ll put a "Seventies Superstar" in the musical spotlight, re-live our mixtape memories as we load up our car cassette player for a "Seventies Road Trip” . And then finally, we round off the programme with our stunning "Seventies Show Stopper"!

I Love The Seventies is an hour long show.

CAW full 2022 square.jpg

Catching A Wave Hosted by Jammin' James Riley

Saturday 2pm - 3pm EST

Catching A Wave radio show plays the sounds of summer, surf & good-time rock & roll with host Jammin' James Riley


The 12inch Show Hosted by Dave Marley

Sundays 4pm - 5pm EST

My show "The 12inch Show" does exactly what it says on the label. Its a 2 hour weekly show that concentrates on only extended versions of classic tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Original 12inch cuts or extended album versions.

boppin with beth.jpeg

Boppin’ With Beth

Monday 2pm - 3pm EST

Boppin’ With Beth features music from different decades and different genres with your host Beth Riley. Plus, we also have a “Focus Beam” segment to educate you on the backgrounds of some of your favorite artists, as well as a “Rockabilly Rewind” segment focusing on classic Rockabilly songs. With these music selections, you are sure to be Boppin’ through your day!


Pop Decades Hosted by Sandy M

Mon 4pm - 5pm EST Saturday 10am -11am EST

Join Sandy M as she takes us on a journey through the decades of Pop Music! With loads of great tunes that you may not have heard in a long time, Sandy brings us all of her usual features including the Smoocher's corner, the retro rewind, and of course, Sandy's 12-incher (ooo err)!

charting in the USA.jpg

Charting In The USA Hosted by Chuck Shorter

Monday 6pm-9pm EST

Top 30/40 countdown show featuring the Top 30 songs for that broadcast week in a particular year according to the Billboard charts.

Blast of the 00s.jpg

Blast From The Noughties Hosted by Gary Hopkins

Monday 10pm - 11pm EST

music from this great decade, guests, plus more great memories and “has my wife seen it” ? and other features too.

If you enjoy Blast from the 80s and 90s,You will enjoy this show!!


Dancing Through The Decades Hosted By Fred Setters

Monday - Friday 12pm - 1pm EST

It's simple really, one hour and decades full of great chart hits, including the No. 1 from our chosen year in each decade. On Dancing Through The Decades, presenter Fred Setters takes you on a magical musical journey through time, from the rock n roll fifties through to the non-stop noughties

Electric City Graphic.png

Electric City Show Hosted by Fred Setters

Tues - Sat 2pm - 3pm EST

Electric City is an hour-long show presented by DJ Fred Setters and is dedicated to the music of the goldenage of Synthpop, Electronica, New Wave and New Romantic artists from the 1970's and 1980's. As well aslooking back at the classics, we'll also take a look at new music being released in this diverse and creativegenre


Simply Eighties Hosted by Fred Setters

Tues - Fri 7pm - 8pm EST Sat 12pm - 1pm EST

The title says it all - this show is about everything Eighties!

Join us as we take a journey back to a decade of dubious fashions and wonderfully diverse music!

Yes, if you loved shoulder pads, shell suits, leg warmers and “Deely-Boppers”, then this show is for you. Hosted by Fred Setters

Playing music from artists such as Bananarama, Duran Duran, Madonna, Madness, The Bangles and many, many more, let presenter Fred Setters take you back in time and bring back all those musical memories.

On each show we’ll spin two chart toppers back to back in our “Eighties Megamix”, we’ll get all romantic with one of those       “Lost Love Songs” and induct an artist or group into our “Eighties Hall Of Fame”!


The Experience Hosted by Dave Marley

Tues - Fri 9pm - 11pm EST

is something cool, refreshing, kinda hip, and fun to listen to. The music featured in the show can be anything from Dance, Latino, Break Beat, RnB, Jazz and Soulful House. The show defiantly has a sound and style of its own and I really enjoy producing and presenting it.

Rock Solid New Logo..jpg

Rock Solid Hosted by Fred Setters

Saturday 4am - 6am EST

Rock Solid is a classic and progressive rock radio show. Playing music from the greatest bands of the sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond - Genesis, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Marillion and Led Zeppelin to name just a few. On every show, we'll search through the archives to bring you two hours of the finest vintage classics as well as discovering some of the very best of the latest releases. So tune in and rock out!

Pete nightingale.jpeg

The Pete Nightingale Show

Saturday 4pm - 5pm EST

Re-living the sounds of the original pirate days’ based on the music of the 50’s, 60’s & the 70’s, it demonstrates the fun & the excitement etc. of the time

weekly dance.jpg

Dance Party Weekly Hosted by Lee Everest

Saturday 8pm - 11pm EST

Dance Party Weekly is a weekly three-h​our radio show, hosted by Lee Everest. This program specializes in commercial dance and house music from the last 30 years. Genre is EDM, house, commercial dance and upbeat club classics. The show brings the biggest dance anthem straight to your radio, including club classics, current anthems and future sounds. Each week, you will hear a Guest DJ mini mix and the Tune of the Week – one of the hottest new songs in the world!

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